The LGBT OR LGBTIQ community in India have come out of their closet in recent times and fearlessly expressed themselves. The Queer Pride parades organized in various cities across the country has garnered immense support and paved a new way for the LGBTIQ community.

Though we have witnessed a paradigm shift when it comes to accepting the LGBTIQ community, we ought to show more respect & love.

Here we bring for you a list of 10 Instagram accounts that you must follow to know more about the lives of LGBTIQ community & understand that they too are normal and deserve equal treatment.

1. Maya the Drag Queen

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Maya is a professional drag queen based out of Bangalore. Follow her account to get an insight of the LGBT life, her performances, the events she attends, glamorous photoshoots and much more. A hardcore Malayalee, Maya will steal your heart with her unapologetic boldness.

2. Aravani Art Project

Aravani Art Project is a collective movement to enable the Transgender Community through Visual Arts and Socially inclusive experiments. The account is full of success stories from the LGBT world that inspires the followers to rise above all odds, except themselves for who they are and achieve big.

3. Fifty Shades of Gay

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FSOG or Fifty Shades of Gay is movement empowering the LGBT community in India and beyond. The account is full of so many queer tales for you to check out and understand their lives from their spectacles. FSOG is a new wave of hope for the LGBT community as it is a platform to raise their voices against all odds and empower them to be themselves.

4. Makeup Artist – Rohit Singh

A makeup artist by profession, Rohit Singh’s account roro_love_makeup throws light on gender neutral makeup. Along with pictures of gorgeous women, you will find Rohit’s glamorous pics with makeup on point. This queer account is all you need to follow if you want a peek into the world of queers who love to paint themselves.

5. Abhina Aher

Abhina is a trans-activist from India and has an active Instagram account that you can follow to peek into her day to day life. Abhina is a proud transgender, a headstrong individual and a dedicated humanitarian working for the cause. Abhina is also a talented dancer which is evident from her account.

6. Vqueeram Aditya Sahay

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Follow Vqueeram Aditya Sahay or Vqueer to check out his awe-inspiring sartorial taste and learn how to be your own lover. Aditya is Delhi’s academic circle associate and often shares in his account about his beliefs and ideology. Aditya has been panelists representing the queer world in several events sharing life experiences, insecurities and hopes.

7. Buddhist and Queer

A Monk who is unapologetically queer is something you don’t get to see every day. Tashi Choedup believes that the situation of LGBT life may be difficult but one must conversation can bring out solutions, love, and acceptance. Follow his account to peek into a Queer life of a Buddhist Monk.

8. Alok Vaid Menon

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Alok is a gender non-conforming writer, performer, fashionista who performs across the world. Alok is damn headstrong and believes biology is not destiny, genitalia is not prophecy, and we are far more expansive than a body.

9. Prateek Sachdeva

Prateek Sachdeva is another Drag Queen in the list who claims that he doesn’t want to be a woman, just want to Dress-up and entertain. Follow Betta Naan Stop on Instagram to get a sneak peek in Prateek’s life as a Drag Queen along with the fabulous makeup skills that he is proud of.

10. Balbir Krishnan

Balbir Krisgnan’s IG account is all about not shying of what you are, accepting your identity with grace, falling in love, starting a family and living a queer life in a society of close-minded people. You will find Balbir’s pics with his Husband, his day to day life and beautiful illustrations that will help you understand the agony ‘they’ go through.

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