Modern day woman is always on her toes. From managing household responsibilities, rushing to office, taking care of family and a hundred other chores she is left with no time for her own. But when nothing works technology comes as a rescue.

There are several Apps that can help women to make their a bit easy and sorted. Therefore, here we list for you 10 Apps that every woman should have on their phone.


Practo is a leading Healthcare App that every woman should have. There are times when we stuck in chores and don’t get time to see a doctor or buy medicines, it’s when Practo comes to our rescue. Practo comes with a list of best doctor in your area. You can book appointments for checkup, scan or tests, consult doctors online, chat free for consultation and even order medicines. A must-have App for sure.


Our lifestyle has become so stressful that it has almost become impossible for our hormones to stay balanced. This leads us to the Clue App that we absolutely need to track our menstruation cycle. This App has been ranked number 1 by reputed journal Obstetrics and Gynecology. It will track your period, ovulation cycle and make calendar reminder for next cycle. It does end here, the App also lets you track your PMS days and mood swings. Prevention is better than cure and hence Clue App is highly recommended.


The most hectic task is to make a to-do list and Wunderlist is one App that helps you do this tedious task with utmost ease. Along with your phone, you can also sync the App on your Tab, Computer and access it from anywhere. Besides you can easily share the list with family or others. It also gives you options to attach photos and docs thus not just helping you to make a grocery list but also discuss important projects.

7 Minute Workout

7-minute workout is a scientifically proven App to assist weight loss and improve cardiovascular function. For all those with a busy schedule, this quick fix workout app is a boon. Don’t worry if you cannot spare hours for exercise, just do this quick fit workout anytime and anywhere and save yourself from health hazards. The workouts in this App have been designed to give maximum results with minimal investment.


This App is India’s number one automatic expense tracker and you ought to have this App on your phone. This money manager app will help you securely track your monthly spends, thus saving you from month-end worries. Do you wish to stay within budget, pay bills on time and SAVE more every month? Well, who doesn’t? So simply install this App and track your monthly expenses.


Safetipin is a safety App that every woman should have on her phone. When traveling, unfortunately women don’t feel safe at times. This is where the App Safetipin comes into play. The app pins the safe areas along with their safety scores. Also, women can pin unsafe areas and help other women. It incorporates all the essential features such as GPS tracking, emergency contact numbers, directions to safe locations etc.


A woman should wear two things Confidence and Makeup, and thus Nykaa is one App that you must have. It is the best App for makeup, skincare, hair care, and fragrance. Choose from over a range of products from all premium brands and enjoy shopping till you drop.

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