They say jobs fill your pocket and adventures fill your soul and we believe it holds true. Most of us love travelling and want to explore the far and wide terrains across the world, but when it comes to planning a trip we end up getting stuck and ready with an excuse. However, we don’t refrain ourselves from watching travel videos of YouTube and making our bucket list.

Here, we bring for you the Best YouTube Channels by Indian travelers that you must SUBSCRIBE if you too are a traveler by heart.

1. Mountain Trekker

Mountain Trekker by Varun Vagish is one of the most loved Travel Channel on YouTube. Varun travels in India and has recently explored foreign destinations. His aim is to encourage people to travel and make them aware that traveling isn’t a costly affair if palnned in a right way. He makes videos in Hindi so spread his message far and wide in India and inspire everyone to explore this beautiful world.

2. India in Motion

India in Motion is a YouTube channel by a former techie Saravana Kumar who has been travelling in remote areas of Himalayas from last 10 years. If you are a traveler who loves adventure in its raw form, this channel is for you. You will get to see never explored before places and terrains especially from Laddhak through beautiful vlogs and time-lapse videos.

3. Sid The Wanderer

Sid the Wanderer is a Travel and Living YouTube channel by Siddhart Joshi. If you are looking for best tips and tricks to travel in India then this channel will come to your rescue. You will also find vlogs of foreign locales besides that of India. Siddhart focuses on aspect any average travelers would look for i.e. new and hidden exciting destinations, food that you should try and tips for traveling without setting your pockets on fire.

4. Prakriti Varshney

Solo traveling has become a thing in India and Prakriti is one girl who has been inspiring people to take up solo trips. A wanderer by heart, she plans to live her life in the mountains. Most of her videos include trekking trips to Himalayas including places like Spiti Valley and Indrahar Pass. She has also explored the beautiful North Eastern states of India. The scenic splendor in her videos is certainly a treat to eyes.

5. Nomadic Indian

Most of the times we feel like running away from the monotony of our daily lives and settle for something that is more exciting and fun, but, not all of us have guts to do the same. However, Deepanshu Sangwan took the road less travelled and chose to become a TRAVELER. It has been a year since Deepanshu has started his vlog on YouTube and has made some really awesome travel videos in India and aboard. You will love his presentation as his inquisitiveness when he meets people.

6. Ethereal by Ayush Dinker

Ethereal is all about travel stories borne out of first hand experiences by Ayush Dinker. It’s all about exploring the culture, society, history and nature and then presenting it to the viewers in form of travel videos. One of the most popular video on Etheral is Meghalaya Alive and it certainly is something you won’t have seen before. It’s time to Subscribe to Ethereal and watch out for some really awesome videos.

7. Toll Free Traveler

A passionate traveler, motorcyclist and adventure seeker from Chennai, Rohith spent some years being a lawyer. However, his mind always urged him to travel and one fine day he set off to live for his passion. His vlogs are all about the experiences he had travelling across the country and a significant part on his bike, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500. For bikers looking for some inspiration to bring their travel goals alive, this channel is for you.

It’s time subscribe these channels and witness them unfolding new adventures. So, till the time you pack your bags and set for your journey watch these awesome travel vloggers on YouTube.

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