Bill Gates wasn’t kidding when he said: If your business is not on Internet, then your business will be out of business. If you can relate with this statement, you know what the future holds. E-Commerce has carved its own niche in the marketing world and is still growing. Thus, it becomes important for entrepreneurs to recognize its importance and step into the online arena for the survival of their business.

Still not convinced? Let me tell you why your brand need an E-Commerce website.

1. Online business is growing more rapidly than offline business:

The explosion of E-Commerce has certainly changed the way we shop. Customers find it more convenient to shop online as they have a 24*7 access to E-Commerce websites, thus accelerating the growth of Online business compared to that of offline stores. We do not deny the dominance of offline market but statistically e-commerce websites are growing more rapidly. E-Commerce sales are expected to increase annually by 17 percent, reaching 414 billion dollars by 2018.

2. It gives your business a global reach:

With an E- Commerce website for your business you can reach your target consumers around the globe, with no limitation of time. You will be no more confined to the limited audience of your vicinity. Optimizing your search engine efficiently gives you an opportunity to connect with the potential customers worldwide. It will help you become customers’ first preference and will increase your simultaneously.

3. E-Commerce increases your brand recognition:

If you are a startup or small business owner, chances are few that you will go for expensive traditional promotional activities. However, with an E-Commerce website for your business you can use plethora of online promotional activities viz. social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, that are considerably cheap and give your brand a better recognition.

4. Gives you more profit in less investment:

An online store saves you from costly affairs of running a physical store, managing utilities and floor staff. Also, digital marketing is way cheaper than any traditional marketing. Digital marketing helps in understanding your target audience and then promote your required cause. This way you tend to save a lot of money which you could have spent otherwise on unnecessary promotions.

5. E-Commerce caters smartphone users:

Smartphone accounts for 45.1 percent of web-shopping traffic. Studies suggest that it will reach 60 percent by the end of 2017. This easy to access device has brought a boom in E-Commerce industry. The universality of smartphones is a game changer. If you own an E-Commerce website for your business, you are literally in the pockets of your potential customers. Or we can say just a few clicks away.

6. Let your customer reach you anytime and anywhere as per their convenience:

There can be nothing better for a customer than shopping as per their convenience. Without any fear of getting the stores shut. E- Commerce allows your customer to shop from wherever and whenever they want. With an E-Commerce website for your business you allow your customers to explore the dazzling e-stores and shop in their own comfort. Online shopping is a rage among masses, as it not only saves times but also gives an opportunity to research in detail before making a purchase.

7. Helps you to take your small-scale business to business to big cities:

If your small-scale business is already established it in your city and you want to expand it in other territories, go for an E-Commerce website. An E-Commerce website will save you from opening yet another chain store or office in the new city and allow you to work without relocating. All you require is a domain name.

8. Customers have started trusting E-Commerce sites:

E-Commerce has matured in last decade and is still growing. In the context of E-Commerce, trust is the only factor that drives visitor to your site to make purchase. The customers who a few years ago were hesitant to shop online have started trusting E-Commerce sites. Facilities like safe transactional offerings and cash on delivering have accelerated the trust of general public on E-Commerce. These facilities at times prove to be better than that given by offline stores.

With a 100 percent cash back and easy return policies, who would not like to go for E-Commerce. I vote for E-Commerce.

Did this article resonate with you to take your business into E-Commerce? But you feel that developing a website is not your cup of tea. So, what are we here for?

We are happy to HELP you.

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