At Virala, our Culture explains who we are, what we believe, how we achieve and where we aspire to go. The foundation of our company is built on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions to deliver results.


As we move towards our goal of being a distinguished/renowned/world-class organization, we envisage a world where we can ensure HAPPINESS & GROWTH of everyone we work with, the communities we touch and the environment on which we have an impact.


We Help SMEs & Startups Grow Their Brands & Revenue Online. Spreading the power of digital marketing to SMEs & Startups to grow their brands and revenue online. We inspire our team members to update themselves with cutting edge knowledge thus providing exceptional service to our clients and creating a happy environment for both

Our Values Reflect Who We Are & What
We Stand For


  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Ensure Transparent & Fair Working Conditions
  • No Formalities, Only Productivity
  • Committed to Client’s Success
  • Measuring what matters to our Clients
  • Organizational behaviour governed by Clients’ needs
  • Invest in People
  • Sharing Growth
  • Break Monotony
  • Encourage Creativity
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Build a positive Team and Family Spirit
  • Build Honest Relationship with Members and Clients
  • We believe it’s your Attitude not Aptitude that determines your Altitude.

How We Live by Our Values


  • We are a YOUNG team of passionate PEOPLE and every move we take as an organization or its’ member is inspired by our vision of Happiness & Growth. We strictly abide by our values and practice them in an enriching environment of trust and mutual respect.
  • We ‘do not’ believe in Formalities, and only focus on Productivity. We are an open culture where every person employed/hired is considered a TEAM MEMBER. We do not follow bureaucratic hierarchy and thus ensure a relaxed working atmosphere for our members.
  • We value our relations with our Members and Clients. We work as a team and a team can only flourish if its foundation is Built on Honest Relationship. The trust, mutual respect and honesty builds a powerful bond that help us work and communicate more effectively.
  • We believe, customers will only love a company when the team members love it first. We measure the success of our company with the HAPPINESS & SATISFACTION quotient of our Clients.
  • We believe in building a lifetime customer relationship through friendly, reliable and efficient services. Our Organizational Behaviour is Governed by our Client’s Need. We are here to give our clients a wonderful experience through our Digital Marketing, App Development, E-Commerce and Distribution services.
  • Our sole purpose is to give our clients a service we would have given to ourselves, we walk in their shoes to understand their needs and deliver our best. We embrace CLIENT’S FEEDBACK which drives us towards continuous improvement. By Measuring What Matters to our Clients, we are able to craft our approach towards the services we render.
  • We Look for Attitude, not the Aptitude when we hire. We train them for the skills we need them to have. We consider their strengths and work with them to fix their weaknesses. We firmly believe that Education is the key to sustainability of a Culture while we are growing as an organization.
  • We encourage GROWTH & LEARNING by working in collaboration. The senior members work along with new members, thus bridging the hierarchy gap and boosting Positive Team & Family Spirit, along with Knowledge Sharing.
  • Every member is part of every decision made for the growth and development of the organization and its people. We heartily welcome all the SUGGESTIONS & OPINIONS by our members. We felicitate every member with the opportunity to write to us via e-mail regarding anything and everything that crosses their mind.
  • We have common digital platforms accessed by every member where we discuss all work-related and random activities. This ensures our value of ensuring Transparent and Fair Working Condition.
  • We work towards creating a culture where all our members can put their ideas forward. We ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY as we believe that creative thinking inspires ideas and ideas inspire change. Though a certain amount of risk is inevitable with creative thinking, we allow our members to take a leap. No one meets success without failure, and we want our members to know that we Trust their instincts.
  • Our People are our biggest asset and we Invest in them. We practice and encourage activities which not just help them enhance their knowledge but also Break the Monotony of the work.
  • There can be no productivity in boredom and we know it well. We have HAPPY HOURS every Saturday, where our members get opportunity to participate in activities like Zumba, Aerobic dance & Yoga to rejuvenate their body, mind and soul. Besides, there are fun and learning activities for sheer recreation.
  • We value the personal life of our members and are flexible towards their needs and demands to the best of our ability. We are ONE UNIT and help each other in hard times – either it is Professional or Personal.
  • We share company growth with our members. We have a core team which deals with the clients and bring us good business and in turn enjoy the perk of profit sharing.
  • All the efforts we make to dwell in an enriching environment gives us a vibrant team of satisfied members who with their collective insight, wisdom and creativity do WONDERS!!!

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