If you are a brand, planning to market your product or service via Instagram Influencers, I am sure you are in a dilemma. Although, Instagram Influencers are celebrity in their own circle and have proved their credibility many a times but this doesn’t make every influencer worthy enough to spend your marketing budget on. Before you step in Instagram Influencer marketing, we would suggest you to analyse, If it’s a brilliant idea or merely a scam?

With IG Influencers mushrooming every day it becomes difficult to choose the right influencer and this is because the IG world consists of several FAKE influencers, whose accounts may glitter but they certainly are not gold.

Now it isn’t a rocket science to spot a Fake or Unworthy Influencer and by taking the following points into consideration, you too can spot them.

Here we go,

1. Followers Vs Engagement Rate

The first insight that you can get about the influencer is by comparing their number of followers with their engagement rate. Check whether the number of likes, views and comments justify the number of the following they have. Refer the above chart to check followers vs engagement rate. So, it is anything below this then you probably are choosing a wrong influencer. Besides it also important to check whether the engagement consists of Fake or Real followers.

2. Detect Fake Followers

Many Instagram Influencers use unethical methods to gain followers, which end up in collection of Fake Followers who are of no use for your brand. Check some recent posts and analyze the accounts. If you find many profiles with weird names or combination of numbers (eg. @skls8091237), then the influencer has fake followers.

3. Check Response Rate on Previous Promotional Activity

It is also important to evaluate whether promotional activity will bring results for your brand. To check this you can look for previous paid promotions and analyze the response those posts have garnered. This will help you decide if it is worth investing on the influencer.

4. Analyze Community Behavior

You can easily analyze the whether the community following the Influencer is interested in his/her posts or not. Go through the comments section to check if there is any actual conversation taking place between influencer and the followers. Also, check if the followers are getting influenced or not. If you find that majority comments are irrelevant then they probably are done by a bot, which yet again declares that the Influencer is Fake.

5. Ask Questions

If you are collaborating with an influencer for a promotional activity, remember that your Brand’s Reputation is at stake and you cannot take any chance to defame it. So, it is advisable to ask for reports of previous promotional campaigns, stats of referral traffic generated; the engagement rate and so on.

There is nothing to be afraid of and not all influencers are Fake, it’s all about identifying the Best. Follow the above guidelines before you pick your influencer and we can assure you that you won’t go wrong.

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