With 1.71 billion active users across the globe, Facebook needs no introduction. Though Facebook says, it helps you connect and share with the people in your life, but let me tell you it has lot more to offer, specifically to Business (on Facebook pages).

We are obviously not here to tell you that Facebook helps you connect with your distant cousin or high school friend. It is something you have already done. Well, as the headline already has it, and we don’t really like keeping ‘unwanted’ suspense. We are here to tell you:

How you can use FACEBOOK for Social Media Marketing, like a Pro:

Create A Hub For Your Business On Facebook

Facebook can help you to reach all of the people who matter to your business. To start with you need to set up a Facebook page for your Business. This can be done via Facebook Business Manager which lets you manage pages, advert accounts and apps – all in one place. And do you know what the best part is? It is absolutely FREE.

If you haven’t come across the benefits of creating a Facebook page already, here they are:

• It makes your Business Discoverable. With 6 new profiles being created every second on Facebook, we are sure you want people to find YOUR BUSINESS on this virtual space.

• Facebook not only let you reach more people, but reach the specific target audience who are most likely to become your customer.

• The target audience can connect with you by liking your Facebook Page. You can have one-to-one conversations with your customers and they can have an access to all the content you post on your page.

• It helps you understand the preferences and behaviors of your audience and give you an insight of your marketing activities.

Beside capitalizing on the obvious benefits of having a Facebook Page for your Business, there are few more ways you can use Facebook for Social Media Marketing.

Make The Most Of Free-of-Charge Ad Spaces:

Making the most of Free-of-charge Ad Spaces is no big deal. It is all about optimizing your presence in the best possible way through smartly picked profile pictures, cover pictures and SEO friendly keyword. The feel of your page should speak volumes about your Business – the Products and Services.

The Facebook Page is great marketing asset and hence it should have potential to retain the Followers. Do remember, if your customer is not able to connect with your brand he/she may opt to UNFOLLOW you.

The profile picture should carry the logo or business identity which help your customers recognize you. For the cover picture go with a creative Ad canvas which you can change occasionally.

Write a simple description, which is easy to comprehend. Use intellectual or humorous punches to make it more appealing. Write a captivating USP and do not miss on CTA button. It’s a little tweak that can make a big impact.

Attract Your Audience Through Interesting Content:

You made your existing and prospective customers like your page. Now, what’s next? The next challenge is to retain your Followers. You have to maintain a solid social media presence so that the audience connects with you.

Make your business come alive on Facebook by posting engaging and interesting content. Be authentic, responsive and consistent and remember that the objective of the post is inform the customers about your product or service. The trick is to make the content interesting. Throw some humorous post for building interest and eventually post answers to questions your target audience might ask.

Posting interesting yet relevant content consistently is a challenge for sure. You can pick ideas from platforms like Quora, Upworthy, Reddit, Drumup and more. You can go for Fun Facts, Inspirational quotes and trending contents. This engagement will help you build a reputation for your brand and stay in the sight of your customers.

Builds Relationship with The Customers Through Engagement:

Social Media is not about continually pushing content. It is meant to be social. You should cease simply promoting content, rather start engaging with your audience. Recognize the fact that the social media audiences are no more passive. They don’t just absorb the information delivered to them, but love to voice their opinion on the same.

Audience prefer to interact directly with the company and other followers. Appreciate what they like and slam what they do not. You can harness this opportunity with the few simple steps:

• Make sure to answer any query posed by the customer. Ignoring a customer is no less than a SIN.

• Write open ended comments that could lead to further conversation.

• Identify the interest of your audience, post a question on the same and initiate a discussion.

• Create conversational contest, which allows your audiences to write comment and like the posts.

Engage with your Target Audience on Facebook Group:

Engaging with your target audience on Facebook Groups is an effective way to reach them. The first step is to identify the groups where you can find people who could be most likely to become your customers.

Once you identify such groups, join them and understand the taste of the customers. This will give a clear insight of customer’s preference and help you make your strategies accordingly.

These Groups can be used to share your Facebook page, content and other relevant materials to garner the attention of the customers. You can also form a community relevant for your business and invite people to join it.

It will also help your customers to get their queries solved and facilitate you to get their feedback.

Run Contest to Promote Your Business and Boost Engagement:

Facebook contests are rage these days and they If you have been using Facebook often you would have surely stumbled upon some of these contests before.

If carried out effectively, Facebook Contest can give great boost to your business. It is one interesting way to create awareness of your brand and involve in actual participation of the audiences.

Running a contest is the best way to motive audiences to follow your page, subscribe to your newsletter, surge engagement on your post, increase awareness of your brand and ultimately increase your sale.

Selfies Contests, Like and Comment contest and Tell your story contests are a few examples to mention. Giving away an attractive prize is always a benefit as it engages your customers more passionately.

Create Advertisement through ‘Facebook Adverts’:

We all know what advertisements are. You have seen billions of them already. The point is what Facebook Ads are and how will they help in Social Media Marketing.

While browsing Facebook, you would have surely come across Ads in your News Feeds, and in the right columns of Facebook on desktop. Well, Facebook comes with a tool called ‘Advert’ which will help you create advertisements to reach targeted audience to meet your business goals.

These Ads are paid service and help drive sales. Raise awareness about and boost the visibility of your brand. It facilitates you to create targeted adverts based on the location, interest, behaviour, age and demographic. The best part is you can measure the result of every advert and get better Return on Investment (ROI).

Connect Apps to your Facebook Page:

Facebook is unarguably the key location where you can engage with potential and current customers. You can easily exploit this opportunity by connecting apps to your Facebook Page.

Connecting Apps to your Facebook Page will add value to your Page and increase customers’ involvement with your brand. It is the easiest way for a customer to learn more about your services, connect with your other social sites, opt to subscribe your email newsletter without much efforts.

To make your Facebook Page visit an enriching experience for your followers, you can choose among various apps available. The most common among all are Social Media Integrated Apps like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Quiz and Poll Apps, Blog or RSS Feed Apps, Contest Apps and Live Video Apps are few more examples you can go for.

Use Facebook Marketing API:

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest online community known today. It is not just another social media site, but an array of personal data and info of its billions of members. Now who wouldn’t like to capitalize on such a huge database?

Using Facebook Marketing API will give you an access to every object in Facebook’s database including users’ photos, videos, statuses, conversations, checked-ins, likes, engagements etc.

Access to this detailed database of your customers will not only help you create a personalized experience for your customers but also help you analyze the conversions of customers through social media platforms.

Email List Building:

Retargeting is the key to convince the potential customer to take desired action. And if you get an email list of your customers it is a win-win situation any day. Facebook is a store house of millions of prospective customers and therefore a great source to connect with them.

Facebook can be efficiently used to build your email list. You use these ways to build an email list for your business:

• Add a coupon or a lead magnet to sweeten the deal.

• Add a landing page and opt-in to your site page link.

• Include a call to action to join your list in your About descriptions.

• Include a prompt to deliver newsletter to customers email ids.

Despite various social media networks mushrooming every now and then, Facebook still manages to remain the juggernaut of social networks. It is possibly the first place where social media marketing began.

FACEBOOK is one such platform you can’t ignore if you want to go for SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. It is the powerhouse of all social media channels.

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