Social Media has become an inseparable part of our lives, and browsing social sites without fail has become a daily routine across the globe. What started as a social network has now evolved as Social Media and beyond, thus making it possible for businesses to utilize these platforms to reach the masses. Facebook and Instagram are undoubtedly the leading social media platforms that are helping business grow like never before. Facebook marketing has been here for a while, but Instagram marketing has made a sudden surge and has become everyone’s favourite. 

If you too are looking to grow your business through Instagram we are here to tell you how. 

1. The Magic Of Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful tools that you can use to gather a great pool of customers. Make sure to include a catchy hashtag on every post. There are several online tools that can help you determine the best hashtags for your niche. Remember, you just can’t miss on this as hashtag is the key to get visibility on Instagram. Also, encourage your customers to use the hashtag on their posts, so their followers will be aware of your brand as well.

The Important Hashtags

2. Gain More Followers By Linking Instagram To Other Sites

Instagram is a widely used marketing platform, but your branding efforts shouldn’t stop there. Connect your Instagram account to other social media accounts of your brand. This way, your posts from Instagram can be seen by users from other sites. You can also gather followers who are active on other social sites.

Facebook and Instagram

3. Use The Right Image in Posts, Stories & Highlights

In Instagram, a good content description and a quality photo can get the attention of viewers. Thus, post the right image on timeline, stories and highlights that can vividly reflect your brand and, at the same time make viewers look twice and like your post. 

Brand Engagement On Instagram

4. Engage With Followers, Ask Questions & Create Polls

Posting photos and video on Instagram may not be enough. Start engaging with your customers and followers by leaving comments or a simple thank you. Also, viewers indulge in watching Instagram Stories and Highlights and it is recommended to update it regularly. Utilize features like Ask Questions, Rating and Polling to get the feedback from your audience. All of this gives an impression that you care about your customers and this, in return would create loyal customers. 

Instagram Stories

5. Use The Power Of Marketing Tools

There are advanced marketing tools offered by Instagram and other third party platforms. You can have your brand advertised on every user’s home page, or you can make use of tools provided by marketing websites. This gives you a helping hand in getting sufficient likes and exposure.

If you are new to Instagram Marketing and confused where to start from, we are here to help.

Keeping in mind the above you can certainly grow your business on Instagram and reach your goals.  

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