Emoticons are love, especially when we don’t find words to express what we feel. There are emojis we send to start a conversation and then there are some we send to avoid or seize a talk. There are abundant emojis available and new ones roll out almost every year.

We know the meanings of the popular and obvious emojis but there are some emoticons that most of us don’t know when to use. To make using emojis simple for you we have brought for you a list of emoticons with their meanings. Most of these emoticons are new and were rolled out in 2018.

1. Smiling in Love

When in love use this emoticon generously. The hearts floating in the air and blushing cheeks is all you need to express that you are truly, deeply and madly in Love.

2. Partying

Next time when you have party on your mind this emoticon is there to express your feelings. Donning a part hat and blowing a paper horn, this emoji is all about celebration.

3. Dizzy

A dizzy face, looking sick or confused from being spun around in circles too. Can be used when tipsy or extremely exhausted.

4. Puppy Eyes

If there is any emoji that can help you melt hearts it’s the Puppy Eyes. If you want something really bad all you need to show is your puppy face.

5. Ginger Head

When we have emoticons representing varied ethnicity in terms of skin tone and hair colour it were the Ginger Heads who got ignored. But not anymore cause the Redhead emoticons are now introduced.

6. Curly Hair

Those with curly hairs have a reason to rejoice as the new curly hairs emoticons have been now introduced.

7. Bald Woman/Man

Now embrace your identity with pride as bald emoticons have been brought for you to use. Baldness can be both a style statement and a medical condition; so be cautious before you use this emoji.

8. White Hair

Like the redheads, the people with grey hairs also deserve their emoticons. This emoji is available in all five skin colours.

9. Hugging Face

Invite people to hug you with open arms with this Hugging face emoji. This is one emoticon that can be used to express varied emotions while hugging someone you love or someone who needs your warmth.

10. Loathing

When you have no words to describe how irritated or disgusted you are, this emoticon will come to your rescue.

11. Awkwardness

When you get a response you weren’t prepared for this emoticon is all you need. This emoji will help you save the conversation from turning instantly awkward.

12. Hand Over Mouth

If you have said something that you shouldn’t have you can use the hand over mouth emoji. Or you can also depict that you are trying not to laugh.

13. Love You

This emoticon is derived from American Sign Language and implies ‘I Love You’. Use this emoticon to spread love.

14. Swearing

Want to outburst? Never mind, use this emoticon and your mind will fall in place. Well this is one of the much needed emoticons I guess.

15. Money

Want to showcase some lavish stuff or ask for a treat. When you talk of money this emoticon is your partner.

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