Club Ramala is a Lounge & Disc located at City Mall in Lucknow. It is one of the most happening party destinations in town with various events organized on weekends as well as on weekdays. The club also hosts private parties and houses a VIP area for special celebrations.


Club Ramala offers authentic Multi-Cuisine Food, Beverages, Mocktails and Full Bar Service. Spacious enough to accommodate 200 people, Club Ramala is a preferable choice for organizing parties and get-togethers.


  • Promote Saturday Night & other Events organized every week.
  • Increase footfall in Events organized at Club Ramala.
  • Increase Facebook/Instagram followers & engagement on Social Media platforms.
  • Grow Club Ramala’s business.


  • To increase footfalls at Saturday Night events every week.
  • The entry tickets of all the events ranged between Rs.1000 to 2000, making it a challenge to increase the footfall.
  • Due to Facebook Penalty on Club Ramala FB Page it was not possible for us to shoot any kind of promotional ads on their page.
  • To promote it as a Hookah Lounge (As Hookah promotion is prohibited on Facebook).


  • Analyzed the audience insight of Club Ramala. Created a Customer Avtar of the target audience and accordingly set the audience for the page.
  • Resolved the Penalty issue on their Facebook Page. This facilitated us to run promotional ads which was barred earlier.
  • Created FB Events for Saturday Nights organized in club. Posted the event on Wednesday to notify people well before time.
  • Promoted lounges disc via creative campaigns with creatives like GIF, Slideshows and postings of food items/party pictures.
  • On Instagram, we applied Follow – FollowBack technique to increase


  • With Ad Campaigns and Event Promotions targeting the right audience, the footfall in the Saturday Night events saw a significant growth.
  • Business Growth with sale of above 1.5 lakh per event was recorded.
  • Facebook Page following increased by 1100 in one month.
  • Engagement in Instagram and Facebook grew considerably.

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Footfall on events

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