YouTube is one place we love to hit to watch awesome videos for free. Name the genre and you will find abundant of videos to watch. While, a number of YouTubers make it the trending list there are many who despite good content remain unheard or rather unwatched. Here we list for you 10 Indian YouTube channels we believe are awesome yet underrated and that you must watch at least once.

We are sure this list will bring for you some fresh content and you won’t be able to stop yourself from gluing to some of these channels (as per your interest).


1. 101 India

If you want to explore the most unique videos from India you can think off, this channel is for you. They make videos on varied genre varying from travel, life, culture, unique people, food and what not. The best thing about 101 India is that the content is fresh and you get to watch
something you would have not thought of before.

2. Indian Booktuber

Indian Booktuber is no new channel but is popular among some bookaholics. This Youtuber reviews books of various genres and also makes Hindi videos thrice a month for Hindi audience. Besides videos there are many other book related videos that are fun to watch. If you love reading books, you must subscribe Indian Booktuber.

3. Desi Trailers

Though this YouTuber doesn’t come up with many videos often but trust me all his videos are awesome. The Desi trailer makes spoof of Bollywood movies and each dialogue is so relatable that you just can’t stop laughing. Don’t believe us? Check this out!

4. Gaelyn Mendonca

Gaelyn Mendonca is one YouTuber that will lit up your day with her comic videos. Her dramatic videos are so funny and relatable. Also check out her travel vlogs for some travel inspiration.

5. Be YouNick

Be YouNick may have garnered some popularity but is yet a hidden gem from many. So guys It’s not just AIB and TVF if you looking for some awesome videos on YouTube. As the name suggests Be YouNick brings for you unique hilarious videos that will certainly crack you up on a boring day.

6. Shitty Ideas Trending

If you are in a relationship or married you are going to love this love this channel. The real life relationship banters turned into hilarious videos will surely make you feel so much relatable.

7. 2 Foreigners in Bollywood

This YouTube channel is one its kind. It has comic videos by two foreigners from Sweden who are trying to make a place in Bollywood. The desi avatar of these two videshi guys and their hilarious videos with Bombay fever will make you laugh like crazy.

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