Social Media needs no introduction, the world is all over it and therefore, ignoring its efficiency would be a work of a nincompoop. Social media platforms have given us strength to reach all over the world with our fingertips. The powerful tools can be used to share a piece of content across the globe with just one click. It has also brought paradigm shift in the marketing landscape, and paved a way for new opportunities which did not existed with traditional marketing.

Social Media platforms are being extensively used both for personal and professional purposes. There are 2.3 billion active social media users and 91 percent of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels. At this point in the game, if your business does not have a Social Media presence then you’re already behind.

If you are wondering how Social Media Marketing can boost your business. Look no further; we have listed the key points for you:

The very first thing we want you to understand is that Social Media Marketing is no more ‘Optional’. If you are there in the business you ought to be there on social media.

By the end of this article you will be convinced that Social Media Marketing can help you grow your brand and pad your wallet.

Here’s how:

Drives Traffic: Social Media ranks top when it comes to site referrals. There can be no better way than posting the content on Social Media Platforms to garner website traffic. Without social media, the traffic in your website is limited to people who are already familiar with your brand and those who are searching for keywords you rank for. Social media thus proves to be a boon as it gives you a plethora of audience who get to know about your brand and can possibly convert into your customers.

Increase Brand Recognition: Presence of any brand on Social Media Platforms is an opportunity to give your brand a personality. The look and feel of the profile, the posts and interactions all sum up to give the brand a better recognition. These platforms make it easier for you to connect directly with your existing consumers and make new ones. The active presence of a brand on multiple networks also make consumers assured of your credibility and legitimacy.

Decrease Marketing Cost: Going for Social Media Marketing will help you reduce the marketing cost. Social Media Marketing is way cheaper than traditional marketing methods. You can either post content on your social media pages to promote your goods and services or chose to go for paid ads. Even the paid ads are considerably cheaper as compared to other marketing methods used.

Gain Customer Insight: Social Media Marketing will help you reach your prospective customers and get information about them. The huge amount of data available on uploaded on Social Media is the key to access relevant customers’ data and understand their choices and preferences. The information about who you customers are, what they like and how do they feel about your brand can be accessed through these platforms. This information will allow you to understand your customers and ultimately help you make smarter business decisions.

Gives Better SEO Rankings: Google and other search engines are not limited to SEO when it comes to ranking of the websites. Besides updating blog regularly, ensuring keywords and tags it is quite important to have a significant social media presence. An active, responsive and creative social media presence will drive traffic to your website and this will help the sites to rank faster in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Run Targeted Ads: With the help of social media platforms you can shoot ads to reach your desired set of consumers with the help of powerful targeting tools offered. For Eg. If you are using Facebook for advertising, you can target your consumers on the basis of their location, demographics, interest and behaviours. These social ads are relatively cheap and allow you to track and measure the performance in real time.

Generate Higher Conversion Rates: Brands knocks the emotional quotient of consumers through regular interaction and consistent presence on social media platforms. The lucrative content and advertisement posted on Social Media platforms persuades consumers to take action. Also, the Social Media Pages of brands represents social proof. The higher number of followers and active profiles increases the credibility of your brand. This in turn results into higher conversion rates as people tend to go with brands that are established and popular among masses.

Keep an eye on your competitor: Social Media Marketing will also help you find out the strategies used by your competitors. With this insight, you can make strategic decisions and plan campaigns that help you stay ahead of them. Also, this will allow you to keep a tap on the changing trends of social media marketing and let you analyze the consumers’ behavior and inclination.

There are several Social Media Platforms that are extensively being used for Social Media Marketing. The most popular among these are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. You can make pages and accounts in these social media websites and boost your network. Connect with the existing consumers and make a way for the prospective consumers, ultimately reaping benefits for your business.

You surely don’t want to miss on the huge customers base provided by the social media networks and win the game in the era of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. If you are a newbie and want an assistant for Social Media Marketing for your brand, we are here to HELP you.

We can help you in every way to engage with your customers, schedules your posts, monitor your success and give you a satisfy experience of Social Media Marketing.

Remember, the longer you wait, the more you have to lose. Try Us!

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