The best thing about pictures is that it keeps a moment from running away. We capture these memories to cherish for long and at times they turn out to be unexpected. Well, there is no denying that these unexpected pictures prove that life can be surprising.

Here we have collected for you 10 pics that you would love to see & cherish how unexpected yet surprising LIFE is.

1. Two trees sharing one branch. This is a rare sight that you don’t get to see everyday.

2. Smiling doesn’t necessarily means you are Happy, sometime it just means you are strong. BTW we feel this pic is definitely the GoPro Selfie of the year. 

3. This is not a CD disc, but Farmer’s Field in Saudi Arabia

4. Close Enough !

5. Look closely, it is a Pond with crocodiles in a zoo in Phuket, Thailand

6.  I still can’t believe the fact that the tree grew around that tire. 

7. The Ninja Dog is here my friends !

8. Mishap: These Bananas came out Straight

9. The Spectacular Honey Comb

10. Mesmerizing! The Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany

We are sure, you loved these awe inspiring pictures !





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