The Internet has revolutionized the way people shop. The technological advancement has given people the leverage to shop online at the comfort of their offices or households. What can be more convenient than shopping in your pajamas. The online entrepreneurs and industry have thus created a niche for themselves.

Setting up an E-Commerce industry is not a cakewalk. Once you choose to go for selling your products online, all the transactions will take place through the Internet or other device networks. However, it is not impossible and use of various tools will empower your sales online.

For those who are passionate to join the online sales platform, we list here various tools required to give them a good start.


A good website design plays a major role in e-commerce business. It is like front office where the customer gets an environment for viewing and buying the products you offer. The website should be designed in a way that it is easy for the customer to find what they want avoiding confusions.

Here are a few tips that will see you through to success in building an effective e-Commerce website:

Make the Home Page attractive and Inviting

For the success of an E-Commerce website, the very first step is to have an inviting homepage. The home page should be designed in a way that it instantly informs the visitor about the brand. The visitors have a tendency to leave if they are not able to figure out the products or services being offered. Thus, the Home Page should be alluring enough to make the visitor stay and focus on what’s unique you offer.

Make the website user friendly

A user friendly website is must to make a strong and profitable online presence. The E- Commerce website that are easy to navigate, help customers find what they want without any clutter. Avoid using technical terms and unfriendly icons if you want to keep your customers coming back.

Proper description of products

According to a study conducted by Neilson Group on a leading E-Commerce website, the visitor spends only 18 percent of the viewing time on the photos, while 82 percent on the text. The customer not just cares about how the product look, but is equally desirous to know its capability. Customers like to read information about the products and compare them before making the actual purchase. Therefore, a detailed and structured product description is necessary.

The Blog article about the product should also be written in catchy tone. Along with advertising the product the article should be able to entice the prospective customers to make a purchase.

Perfect online exhibition of your goods

The customer will flock to your website if it works well and looks great. Use of good quality images is necessary to create a desire among the customers. 79 percent of the visitors just scan the pages; thus a visually attractive catalogue increases the possibility of holding the visitor and lure them to purchase.

Create a gallery of pictures of your products is more helpful than posting a single image. The customers prefer to have a catalogue of the actual item he/she is going to buy. Variation in what is being displayed and what is being offered gravely disappoints the customer, and destroys the customer- client relations that you are really trying to solidify.

Appoint an E-Commerce consultant to guide a customer

A live chat option or prompt response to customers’ query is always appreciated. The customer feels valued and it is a great way to increase conversion rates. The contact information and customer service phone number should be easy to find. A new customer will be more likely to have numerous questions and a proper assistance will be a great help. The assistant should be friendly to the customer and politely persuasive too.

Allow for customer feedback about your products after purchase

Give room for customers for a feedback. This will help you know exactly what your customers liked or disliked about their shopping experience. Customer Feedbacks are often engaging and also drives the interest of other users, who choose to read about other clients’ feedback. Customer Feedbacks can be employed to quickly implement adjustments to a Web store in order to optimize the user experience.


An E-Commerce website is devoid of physical presence of its customers. Therefore, it becomes important to track the customer activity on the website. Google analytics enable you to see what is happening on your site in real time. Help you track the visitors on your E-Commerce website. It is helpful in understanding the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, customer behaviour and optimize your online-store for conversions and sales.


A visually appealing website is crucial to garner visitors’ attention. Canva is an online graphic design platform which will help you create professional images for your E-Commerce website. This quick and easy software offers an access to a wide range of designing tools. Keeping in view that, images add visual appeal to the information on the website, Canvas can prove to be a great booster for your business.


Bill Gates rightly quoted “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”, hence customer feedback is paramount. If you are in E-Commerce business it becomes all the more important for you to get feedback from your clients. One of the best methodologies of getting feedback from your clients is through creating questionnaires. Survey Monkey is one of the greatest generators of free questionnaires and you can incorporate it into your own website. Although, there is a premium option but it gives you an opportunity to know what your prospect clients are thinking about your products.


For the success of your E-Commerce website it is very important to have a reliable and secure payment gateway. You can link your E-Commerce website to Authorize.Net Payment Gateway to allow your clients to pay for your products and services. It is a trusted platform to manage your payment transactions securely and reliably. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is available 24/7 for processing transactions and offers a number of services to assist merchants in managing their businesses and protecting themselves from fraud.


Communication is one of the best ways to retain your clients and email marketing is a very effective tool. MailChimp is a remarkable email marketing service which allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. The number of feasible options and easier to use interface set MailChimp apart from other softwares. It enables you to put sign up forms on your website then you can use it to send appealing emails that will make clients come back to you.


Social Media platforms are a rage among E-Commerce entrepreneurs. However, it is difficult and time consuming to manage all the social media accounts. You can go for social media management tools like Hootsuite to make your task easier. Hootsuite remains one of the most comprehensive social media management tool as it allows you to manage multiple accounts in one place and also you can arrange your future posts.


Search engine optimization is one of the vital features in any online store. Choosing the right keywords help you boost your online presence. The Google Keyword Planner is a tool which helps you find the SEO-focused keyword that are best for your business. Besides, it also provides you with a list of alternative keywords that Google considers most relevant for your website.

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